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How to Use this Website

How to Use the Multiple Systems Navigator Website

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Search the Multiple Systems Navigator Website
– Type a term into the global search box to find resources, programs definitions of terms and acronyms or agencies and organizations.


Advanced Search–Use the advanced search tool to find resources from multiple categories. You may also enter your county and/or choose specific resource types (publications, websites, videos, etc.) to refine your search results.



Talk to Someone NowMany people prefer to talk to someone directly. The "Talk to Someone Now" section provides hotline and information lines organized by categories. The telephone numbers are live links on mobile devices.


Navigating Basics – This area provides basic guidance and tips to help with successful navigation of multiple health, education and human service systems. (i.e., how to get organized, how to work with others, etc.).



Addressing Challenging Situations – This section addresses some frequently encountered challenging situations and provides information for individuals and families requiring assistance from multiple human services systems. Addressing4.jpg


Family/Youth Support & Peer Advocacy – Family/Youth Support and Peer Advocacy helps young persons, parents and family members with behavioral, emotional, physical and/or mental health challenges by providing information and support and often are a critical enhancement to formal services.


Term/Acronym Dictionary – Terms and acronyms are used often in conversation and written materials. This area of the website includes terms, acronyms and definitions for commonly used language in the disability world. Search for terms and acronyms by using the search box or by selecting the letter for the term you are interested. The search result with return any term that has the requested word either in the term itself, the acronym or the definition.



Agencies/Organizations - This area provides a listing of the "multiple systems" or agencies/organizations that have resources and/or programs and services included on this website. Each agency/organization links to a page describing the agency/organization and provides contact information, as well as a listing all resources and programs and services currently in our system from that agency/organization.



Resource Database – The Multiple Systems Navigator resources include publications, websites, videos and hotlines and programs and services. Search for resources by clicking on Resources on the main navigation bar and then click on categories to locate resources you are interested in. Drill all the way down the resource detail page to navigate to the resource.


Be sure to scroll down on the subcategory page to view Featured Resources. These are resources that have been identified as key resources for the category you have selected.


Interactive Mapping Tool – Use our interactive mapping tool to map both regions and points of interest near you. Click the Mapping Tools link to get to the mapping tool.

Map4.jpgFrom the Mapping page, click the button to Open the Mapping Tool, which will bring you to a blank NYS map with a menu for you to choose from, or click on the items listed on the page to open the map loaded with the data you are interested in.


Use the drop-down to search for a program or service of interest. The pop-ups contain quite a bit of information and all location maps also include links to get directions and web links when applicable.

All map data can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking on the cloud with arrow icons on the title bars and selecting from the drop down menu your program or service of interest.

News, Notes and Events – This area provides access to relevant news and events. On the Home page, scroll down to see the News, Notes, and Events section. Click View all to see all the News, Notes and Events on one page. Use our News, Notes and Events Suggestion Form to suggest news, notes or events that you think would be of interest to our audience.

Transition to Adulthood – This section is written to and for youth and provides useful information for on all of the important issues surrounding transitions to adulthood. On the Home page, click Transitions on the main navigation bar. The Information Pack series contains detailed transition information by topic.


Suggest a Resource or Term/Acronym - This section allows users to suggest both terms and acronyms, and resources for inclusion on the Multiple Systems Navigator website. You can find the link by scrolling down to the bottom of the Home page and clicking on Suggest an Item and/or Term/Acronym for Inclusion on this Website or by clicking here: Suggest an Item and/or Term / Acronym for Inclusion on this Website.

Feedback Form – Please provide feedback on usability and any content suggestions for continuous quality management and improvement. You can find the link by scrolling down to the bottom of the Home page and clicking on Feedback or by clicking here: Feedback.



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