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Medical Management

Growing Up Healthy Hotline

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NYS Department of Health (DOH)


The Department of Health operates the Growing Up Healthy Hotline, which provides information about health care, nutrition and other health and human services. The hotline provides information and referral 24 hours/day, seven days a week in English and Spanish and other languages.



  • 1-800-522-5006, Toll Free, 24 hours/day, seven days a week in English and Spanish and other languages
  • 1-800-655-1789, TTY, 24/7


AsthmaAutism Spectrum DisordersDevelopmental DisabilitiesDevelopmental Disability/Complex Health IssueDiabetesEarly ChildhoodEating DisordersGeneral Support for FamiliesHealth Care AccessHearing Impairment/DeafnessInformation and ReferralLearning DisabilitiesMedical ManagementMedical/Physical HealthMedication ManagementMental Health/Developmental DisabilityMental Health/Substance Abuse IssuesMotor/Physical DisabilitiesNeurological DisorderNutritional DisorderPreventionSeizure DisorderTreatment and Recovery

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Call 211 or
Call 311 in New York City

NY Connects

Suicide Crisis Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (8255) Toll Free
1-800-799-4889 TTY

Child Abuse & Maltreatment Hotline
1-800-342-3720, Toll Free
1-800-638-5163, TTD/TTY
1-800-342-3720, NY Relay

Vulnerable Persons Central Register (VPCR) Hotline
1-855-373-2122 Toll Free
1-855-373-2123 TTD/TTY

Become a Family Peer Advocate (FPA)
1-888-326-8644 Toll Free

Medicaid Health Homes

Medicaid Hotlines
1 (718) 557-1399
1(888) 692-6116 Toll Free
1-800-541-2831 Toll Free
1-800-505-5678 Toll Free
1-877-87 FRAUD (8737) Toll Free

NY Connects
1-800-342-9871 Toll Free

Developed by the Council on Children and Families and Funded by the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council