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Caregiver Respite Voucher Program

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NYS Caregiving and Respite Coalition (NYSCRC)


The Respite Voucher Program is a caregiver-directed program. Caregiver-directed means that the caregiver chooses their own care providers instead of a state agency dictating what care is required, by whom and when that care is delivered. In such models, the client/caregiver is given the right to full autonomy in all decision-making related to that care. In this case, choosing a care provider for a care receiver for the sole purpose of providing a break for the primary caregiver.

Responsibilities of the caregivers include; hiring, firing, training decisions, pay rate. NYSCRC suggests pay rates be in the range of $15 - $25 per hour for respite providers.

Eligible caregivers can receive up to $600 of reimbursable funds to pay for care for the care receiver so that caregiver can get respite, a break from caregiving.

Additional Information

Who is Eligible?

Kinship Caregivers - Kinship care refers to grandparents, other relatives, and even family friends who are caring for children under the age of 18. Foster care and KinGap providers are not eligible for this funding.

Informal Caregivers who are not able to receive respite support under Medicaid Managed programs may apply. Care receivers may be any age and must have long-term chronic disabling condition.

Note: Links to applicable forms (English and Spanish) are available on the NYSCRC Respite Voucher Program web page.




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