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Vacation Program

Sprout’s travel program is dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities grow through challenging and safe travel experiences and social activities. Sprout operates close to one hundred domestic and international trips every year, Sprout provides its participants many travel opportunities in the company of their peers and with the supervision and support of exceptional Sprout Leaders.

Sprout offers a wide variety of trip options including ever-popular destinations like Lake George, Cape Cod, Atlantic City, Orlando, Virginia Beach and Washington D.C; special theme trips have included Baseball Hall Of Fame, Amusement Parks trip and Cruises. Sprout has also offered international travel to cities in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico and many other exciting destinations.


Voices of Youth Advisors (VOYA)

VOYA (Voices of Youth Advisors) is the youth advisory council to Rensselaer County. As a part of VOYA you become a part of the Youth Power network, the New York State network of young people who have been labeled and who are seeking change. VOYA is driven with bringing the perspective of young people who receive cross-system services in Rensselaer County. This council provides a much needed mechanism for youth to have input into the services that are provided and ensures that services and supports in the community are meeting the needs of young people. Through VOYA, young people are able to not only improve their community but also build their personal advocacy and leadership abilities.


What the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Means for Young People with Disabilities in NYS

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides more opportunities and supports for individuals with disabilities to gain skills and prepare for working and earning. This tip sheet provides an overview of the law and provides links to the two agencies that provide vocational rehabilitation in New York State.

Starbridge offers a wide variety of resources and services. Please view the Starbridge website to learn more.


What to Know When Assisting a Consumer for a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

This fact sheet is intended to help Navigators identify what issues are unique to consumers with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). This fact sheet discusses the type of health care providers often needed; prescription needs; therapy types and other supports.


What to Know When Assisting a Consumer with Mental Illness

This fact sheet is intended to help Navigators identify issues that are unique to consumers with mental health conditions to assist them in making decisions related to their healthcare coverage. This fact sheet discusses the type of health care providers generally accessed by consumers with mental health needs, as well as medications often taken by individuals with mental health needs.


Why go to College?

This video provides motivational advice from individuals that were the first in their families to attend college and/or had little support to get there.  


Women, Infants, Children Program (WIC)

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) offers nutrition education, breastfeeding support, referrals and a variety of nutritious foods to low-income pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum women, infants and children up to age five to promote and support good health.

View WIC Sites using our MS Navigator Mapping Tool.



Youth in Progress Regional Associates

Youth in Progress has regional teams in six different areas of New York State. These teams are comprised of youth in care in New York State that promote positive youth development and support adult/youth partnerships and adolescents in achieving successful outcomes.

View Youth in Progress Regional Associates using our MS Navigator Mapping Tool.

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Addictions/Dependencies Support Groups

Addictions/Dependencies Support Groups

Adoption and Foster/Kinship Care Support Groups

Adoption Counseling and Support Services

Artistic/Creativity Support Groups

Assistive Technology Support Services Expense Assistance

Canine Crisis Support Teams

Caregiver/Care Receiver Support Groups

Case Management - Adult Home Supportive

Case Management - Supportive(SCM)

Child Custody/Support Related Support Groups

Child Support Program

College/University Entrance Support

Drug Dependency Support Groups

Dual Diagnosis Support Groups

Educational Support Services

Emotions Anonymous Support Groups

Employment/Retirement Related Support Groups

Families and Individuals Needing Support

Family Permanent Supportive Housing

Family Prison Visitation Support

Family Support Centers/Outreach

Family Support Recruitment/Referral

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Support Groups(GLBTQ)

Health Supportive Services

Health/Disability Related Support Groups

Higher Education Awareness/Support Programs

Homeless Permanent Supportive Housing

Homeschooling Support Groups

In Home Supportive Services Applications(IHSS Applications)

In Home Supportive Services Subsidies(IHSS Subsidies)

In Home Supportive Services Subsidy Recipients(IHSS Supportive Services Subsidy Recipients)

In Person Support Groups

Inclusion Support

Income Support and Employment

Individual and Family Support Services

Individual Supports and Services(ISS)

Inmate Support Services

Instructional Support Services

Internet Support Groups

Lifestyle/Transition Related Support Groups

Long Term Services and Supports(LTSS)

Mental Health Related Support Groups

Mental Health Support Services

Naturalization Support/Legal Services

Offender/Ex-Offender Support Groups

Older Adult/Disability Related Supportive Housing

Parent Support Groups

Parenting/Family Support Groups

Patient/Family Support Services

Postadoption Counseling and Support

Preadoption Counseling and Support

Secured Supportive Housing Units

Self Advocacy Support

State-Supported Schools

Stepfamily/Blended Family Support Groups

Support Apartment

Support Congregate

Support Groups

Support Housing Community Services

Support Program

Support Services

Supported Employment

Supported Living Services for Adults With Disabilities

Supported/Single Room Occupancy(SP-SRO)

Supportive Employment(SE)

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing Expense Assistance

Supportive Housing Residents

Supportive Substance Abuse Services

Supportive Therapies

Telephone Support Groups

Wraparound Facilitation/Community Support

Youth/Student Support Groups


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