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Out-of-Home/Residential Care

Out-of-Home/Residential Care provides a therapeutic living environment in community-based facilities for individuals who have emotional and/or behavioral problems and require a structured, supervised treatment program which may include individual, group, family and other treatment modalities as appropriate, but who do not require inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

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Out-of-Home/Residential Care

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Disability Provider Directory

The NYS Office For People With Developmental Disabilities and its associated voluntary agencies offer many services to individuals and their families. This interactive directory lists services by service type and location.


Family Support Regional Directories of Mental Health Services

The Families Together of NYS (FTNYS) Parent Advisors have created directories of the services available in each region of New York State. These directories provide comprehensive information on mental health services for children and families for each region of New York State.

Use our mapping tool to find your regional FTNYS Parent Advisor. Regional Parent Advisors build relationships with all of the family support services within their region. They serve as liaisons, facilitating communication between the NYS Office of Mental Health and families in the community.


PROMOTE Training Program

PROMOTE training provides staff with the tools they need to help people with development disabilities live richer lives. Much has been learned since New York State implemented the Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention (SCIP-R) program. PROMOTE encompasses the best practices developed over the past decade, along with up-to-date teaching strategies and technologies designed to effectively engage learners. Promoting a higher quality of life for people with developmental disabilities is everyone’s job. This work can often be challenging and requires staff to think on their feet. With PROMOTE training as a foundation, staff will support each other, communicate effectively, and create a culture that is built on positive relationships. Positive relationships promote richer lives!


Reba McEntire PSA on Accessing OPWDD Services

Reba McEntire delivers a PSA encouraging people to access services from the NYS Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to support individuals with developmental disabilities to live the richest life possible.


Transition Brochure - Housing and Employment Supports

This document provides a brief description of supports offered by the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to students who are transitioning from school to adult life. Specifically, the following supports are listed and defined in the brochure: residential supports; supports for community-based living; and employment services.


What to Know When Assisting a Consumer with Mental Illness

This fact sheet is intended to help Navigators identify issues that are unique to consumers with mental health conditions to assist them in making decisions related to their healthcare coverage. This fact sheet discusses the type of health care providers generally accessed by consumers with mental health needs, as well as medications often taken by individuals with mental health needs.

Developed by the Council on Children and Families and Funded by the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council