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ACR Health Hotline

Provides various support groups for Leisbian, Gay, Bisexual and Questioning youth ages 13-25 and Transyouth ages 5-25 as well as Family Support will a Credentialed Family Peer Advocate for Families of Transyouth.


Families Together in New York State (FTNYS) Regional Parent Advisors

The primary role of each Regional Parent Advisor is to build a relationship with all of the family support services within their region. Parent Advisors provide a forum for local family support services to network with one another. They serve as liaisons, facilitating communication between the New York State Office of Mental Health and the families in the community.

View FTNYS Parent Advisors using our MSNavigator Mapping Tool.


Families Together of New York State Chapters

Each chapter of Families Together provides a venue for family support. Families give and provide support for each other. Families Together Chapters serve as liaisons, facilitating communication and are knowledgeable about services and programs in their community.

View Families Together of New York State Chapters using our MSNavigator Mapping Tool.


Family Support Regional Directories of Mental Health Services

The Families Together of NYS (FTNYS) Parent Advisors have created directories of the services available in each region of New York State. These directories provide comprehensive information on mental health services for children and families for each region of New York State.

View our Families Together in NYS Parent Advisor map to contact a parent advisor in your region. Regional Parent Advisors build relationships with all of the family support services within their region. They serve as liaisons, facilitating communication between the NYS Office of Mental Health and families in the community.


Individual and Family Support Unit - Justice Center

The Individual and Family Support Unit (IFSU) of the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is a resource for victims of abuse or neglect, their families, personal representatives and guardians. IFSU advocates provide assistance in a variety of areas, including:

  • guidance and information about the reporting and investigative process
  • support during criminal cases and proceedings
  • victim interview accompaniment
  • case status updates   

All services are offered free.


National Autism Association (NAA)

This comprehensive website contains a wide range of information, including information on:

  • Signs of Autism
  • Autism Facts
  • Autism Treatments
  • Family Support Programs
  • Autism Safety


NYS Pyramid Model

Positive social and emotional development provides a critical foundation for lifelong development and learning. The Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council -- comprised of experts in early childhood development, education, health, mental health and family support -- has identified the critical need to better support and teach young children and families social and emotional skills. In response, the New York State Council on Children and Families took the lead in bringing together a team of public and private agencies to form a partnership: the New York State Pyramid Model Partnership to promote and support the statewide use of the Pyramid Model, an evidence-based framework proven to build social and emotional competence in the early years.

The New York State Pyramid Model Partnership is working collaboratively to:

  • Increase the number of credentialed early childhood trainers and coaches providing professional development to the early childhood workforce to meet the social and emotional development needs of young children;
  • Support partnerships between early childhood practitioners and parents;
  • Support the implementation and sustainability of the Pyramid Model in all early childhood settings; and
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of implementing the Pyramid Model in New York State.

With its emphasis on strong relationships, support for social competence and preventing and addressing challenging behavior in infants, toddlers and young children before they start, the Pyramid Model is congruent with other New York State early childhood efforts that help set the foundation for lifelong learning.


Pre- and Post-Adoption Services

The Adoptive and Foster Family Care Coalition of New York website provides a multitude of adoption and foster care information and resources.

Foster Care and Adoption Support Services available throughout New York State including post adoption support services, after adoption resources, training, education, social connections and events. To find additional foster care, adoption, kinship, family support and therapeutic services in your county click here for adoption and foster care services map of New York.

9 provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying. Information is provided for parents, educators, the community, teens and kids.


Developed by the Council on Children and Families and Funded by the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council