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Employment - A Guide for Transition Services

Most young people rely on caring adults to support them with guidance, housing and financial assistance, and ongoing emotional connections. Young people from foster care often miss out on these supports traditionally provided by families. They may also have added challenges due to earlier abuse, neglect, and separation. 

It’s My Life: Employment Guide offers specific strategies, tactics, and resources for youth and the adults who guide and support these youth to help them gain employment.



The myBenefits! website determines eligibility for assistance programs, health insurance tax credits and other programs. This website provides a tool that allows users to enter all their information only once and learn to determine eligibility to many programs.


NYS Kinship Navigator

The NYS Kinship Navigator is an information, referral and advocacy program for kinship caregivers in New York State. A kinship caregiver is an individual that is caring for a child that is not biologically their own. In New York State, there are an estimated 179,000 caregivers, 131,000 of whom are grandparents raising grandchildren. Many others are aunts and uncles.

The Navigator seeks to assist these caregivers by providing information on financial assistance, legal information and referrals, and other types of issues that caregivers face when raising children in order to provide stability and permanency in the home. 

View the NYS County Kinship Care Resource Map


NYS Local Departments of Social Services

New York State is divided into 58 local social services districts. The five boroughs of New York City comprise one district. Outside of New York City each district corresponds to one of the fifty-seven counties that make up the remainder of the state. County Departments of Social Services (DSS) provide or administer the full range of publicly funded social services and cash assistance programs. Families whose income meets state guidelines and who meet other criteria, may be able to receive a subsidy to offset some of their child care costs. If you are interested in learning more about the availability of child care subsidies in your county, please contact your DSS office.

Listed on this web page is an alphabetical list of the fifty-eight DSS Offices available throughout New York State.

Please Note: The NYS Office of Children and Family Services, the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance and the Department of Health have supervisory oversight of the social services districts.


Office of Federal Acknowledgement Peer TA - Strengthening Self-sufficiency Pathways

OFA Peer TA facilitates the sharing of information across state and local agencies implementing the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. The goal of Peer TA is to establish linkages among TANF agencies and their partners serving TANF and low-income families at the state, county, local, and tribal level. The Peer TA website acts as a dissemination and communications vehicle, supporting the Peer TA Network in the provision of technical assistance, facilitating a dialogue among organizations serving TANF and low-income families, and helping organizations learn about innovative programs and the latest research around effective strategies to successfully support TANF and low-income families on a path to self-sufficiency.


Parent Educator Resource Guide to Section 504 in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

The Parent Educator Resource Guide reminds all educational institutions receiving federal financial assistance from the Department of Education that they must vigilantly work to ensure compliance with Section 504 and other Federal laws that protect students with disabilities. This resource guide was also developed to help parents of students with disabilities understand the obligations imposed under Section 504. In particular, the resource guide summarizes key requirements of Section 504, and aims to increase understanding of these requirements for both parents and members of the school community alike.


Pre- and Post-Adoption Services

The Adoptive and Foster Family Care Coalition of New York website provides a multitude of adoption and foster care information and resources.

Foster Care and Adoption Support Services available throughout New York State including post adoption support services, after adoption resources, training, education, social connections and events. To find additional foster care, adoption, kinship, family support and therapeutic services in your county click here for adoption and foster care services directory of New York.


Schenectady County B-HOME Interactive Resource Locator

The B-HOME interactive resource tools have been created to help Schenectady area residents find resources located in and around the Capital District. The resources are organized and maintained by the Schenectady County Center for Juvenile Justice. The purpose is to give Schenectady area residents one location where they can locate main different services and agencies within Schenectady County and nearby areas. There are four options to explore:

  • Online Resources - Online resources and hotlines are used for resources that do not have a physical location such as yearly community-wide events, online communities, and hotlines.
  • Interactive Resource Map - The map utilizes technology to provide information about resources based on location. Categories of resource information on the map include Physical and Mental Health; Victim Services; Education, Child Care, and Youth Services; Housing, Food, and Clothing; Community Resources; Disability and Senior Services; Employment; Government; Legal and Financial Assistance; and Veterans.
  • Events - Featured upcoming events in Schenectady County and around the Capital Region are displayed on the event calendar. To add events to the calendar, contact the Youth and Family Engagement Coordinator


Services for Foster Care Youth and Former Foster Care Youth

This is one of the "Need to Know" series brochure published by Youth in Progress. The brochure briefly describes available services for foster youth and former foster youth, including the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program, that are available in New York State. This brochure also includes relevant resources information.


The Ultimate Guide to the FAFSA: 10 Steps to a Successful Student Loan Application

This is a step-by-step guide for applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Completion of the the FAFSA application is necessary to receive financial assistance for post-secondary education, including student loans and grants from schools, the federal and local government.

Developed by the Council on Children and Families and Funded by the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council