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Transition to Adulthood

Use this section to prepare for your transition to adulthood.

You may be worried about where you are going to live, how you are going to support yourself, where you are going to get your medical care. There may also be things you are not thinking about, but should be. If you can relate, do yourself a favor and spend as much time as you need exploring this site. Hopefully, it will reduce your “unknowns” and build your self-confidence.

Be sure to check out our information pack series.

Be sure to check out our transition to adulthood information pack series.

Successful Transitions

You Can Do This!

Very few youth sail right through to adulthood without facing hard choices about such issues as where they are going to live, study, work, get medical care, and so forth. Look to the positive examples of others to inspire and encourage you.

Information Pack Series

You're on the Move

When you make the journey from adolescent to adult, many aspects of your life are going to change. This series breaks the subject of transition down into smaller segments. Take your time and get your footing with each topic before you try to put it together into decisions and action plans that work best for you.

The Big Picture

Change is on the Way

With a transition on your horizon, you would not be alone if you feel confused or overwhelmed by the scope of what you need to think and make decisions about. You need the big picture before you even try to get into the details. Here are some of the basics that should help.

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