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Successful Transitions - You Can Do This!

Very few youth sail right through to adulthood without facing hard choices about where they are going to live, study, work, get medical care and so forth. Look to the positive examples of others to inspire and encourage you.

Five Keys to Successful Transitions

There is no magic formula. But there is accepted wisdom about what "works" and it cuts across all the different transition scenarios. You will do well to base your own approach on the following five tried-and-true ideas.

Someone to Talk To

You are more likely to have better outcomes if you have a mentor, coach or peer advisor in your life, someone besides your parent, who cares and who you can talk to. If you do not already have such a person, there are ways to find one.

Make Your Own Transition Road Map

It's difficult to know where to begin. Making your own transition road map is a good place to start. Use the tools and checklists in this section to gather, formulate and organize your transitions.

Success Stories

Transitions are challenging and often involve making some difficult decisions. Look at this section to see positive examples of successful transitions for inspiration and encouragement.

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